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Data in production cycle

With SLIDE you can capture data on each stage of production - from piglet production, fattening, slaughter and trade with a welfare of the animals in mind. Thanks to our new system Super Analytics, we are able to analyze and compile the data, giving you insights you need to improve your business.


System structure


From Traditional Agriculture to Smart Farming

We want to lead the charge in changing todays farming. Our goal is to use every opportunity we have - no matter how small - to set change in motion. To be a force for good and a force for growth. For you, for the world, and for every generation to come.



Our mission is to provide the best, the most comprehensive solution in precision agriculture for pig farmers in the world. By participating and understanding every step of the process in pig & pork production, we can offer a complex, yet simple in use product, available for every farmer.

We believe our solution allows farmers to reach new levels of efficiency, giving them more flexibility on their labour.


Rich and fresh food for all

We want to support farmers in production of fresh, healthy and rich food on every step of the way. Providing data and insights about animals we are helping to achieve the best quality of meat for the market.

  • InsightsUse the data for your benefit
  • QualityA proven way to increase the quality of food
  • TransparencyFrom a barn to a store transparency
  • ValueMore value to your product

SLIDE Mobile

SLIDE software was designed with your needs in mind. We make sure all the key data are right there, at your hand, anytime you need them. With mobile access you make sure your data is properly secured and long-lasting, easy to access and even easier to analyze.



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