Our technology - your data

Data-Driven Farming is the thoughtful use of big data to supplement on-farm precision agriculture. It means having the right farm data, at the right time, to make better decisions that improve long-term profitability.

  • High profit margins
  • Improved furrowing rates
  • Ease of use & workflow automation
  • Paperwork reduction
  • Early disease detection
  • Feed optimization

Improve the value chain “From Farm to Fork”


Traceability on
every step

Data as a part
of the product

Improved value
and new revenue streams

Social responsibility

Closer to the people

  • Fresh and healthy foodIn the era of healthy lifestyle, product origin and history is the best indicator of food quality.
  • Sustainability in environmental ecosystemOptimized resources management with increased efficiency with reduced environmental impact.
  • Welfare of the animalsKeeping a high standard of animal well-being is a core concern in food industry.